How To Minimize Dental Visit Pain

You walk into the dentist’s office. In due course, you climb into the chair, get a napkin clipped around your neck, and someone looks deep into your mouth. They poke around a little, but it doesn’t really hurt. Maybe it’s a nurse, a dental assistant. She takes a step back, looks at you, and says, “Hey, you are doing really great! I don’t see any new cavities; there’s very little tartar or calculus build-up. Your gums are healthy, no bleeding. What have you been doing different?”

Your heart stops beating so quickly, and you release a happy, relieved breath.

“Well,” you say, “I’ve been using this new iodine toothpaste, flossing sometimes with iodized floss, and then rinsing at night with the iodine mouthwash. I even carry iodine toothpicks in the car, in case I eat out!”

She looks at you. “What is all this iodine stuff? You don’t use fluoride toothpaste? But the iodine seems to work!”

You smile. “Yes, I discovered it about 3 months ago. It’s amazing stuff. Cheaper than anything else, and my mouth has never felt better. No dry mouth any more; no more hiding my breath from people. No bad breath at all. It’s the iodine, I believe.”

“That’s great,” she says. “Just keep doing what you’re doing. We’ll do a brief cleaning, and send you on your way. Congratulations, and it’s great work really. You’re doing a fine job of oral hygiene.”

Would you like to have this happen to you? Well, it can….it’s cheap, easy, and super-duper effective.